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Meet the Team

At Sensenig Coaching & Consulting, we take pride in providing exceptional service to our clients.


Ray Sensenig

Ray is a financial coach and business consultant with a passion for helping others achieve their goals. He specializes in providing clients across all industries with the tools they need to attain financial freedom and grow their businesses. Ray is also the President and founder.

On his downtime, he enjoys traveling, attending community events, music and values his time with family.


Luchas Styles

As both an IT and logistics manager, his role is to ensure that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes so our company can operate at peak productivity. He is uniquely qualified to integrate and optimize our technology and logistics systems, providing a more efficient and reliable service to our clients.

He enjoys volunteering in his local community. He socializes and engages in family functions.


Adriana Kula

Meet Adriana, the backbone of our team. Her experience and skills as an administrator make her an integral part of our daily operations. From managing schedules to ensuring everything runs smoothly, Adriana is dedicated to ensuring our business runs seamlessly.

Adriana likes to spend time with her daughter, going hiking and enjoying nature.


Ivy Valero

Ivy, wears many hats and is leading the way in our company's growth. With her extensive knowledge and dedication in coordination, administration, marketing and client resolution, Ivy and our team are fully equipped to help clients achieve their goals.

Ivy enjoys the beach, going to local art exhibits and dancing.


Roxanne Castro

Roxanne is a new addition to our financial coaching staff. With her approach to positive mindset, she helps clients stay positive not only with their finances but their lifestyles.

On her downtime, she spends time with her kids and loves to go on adventures.

Smiling Portrait

Breanna Gomez

Breanna is a new counter part of our intern marketing team. She brings a touch of outside the box thinking when it comes to our marketing. 

Breanna currently is going to school to become a doctor. She loves going out and doing fun things.

Beauty in Smile
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